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5/3/2017 -

Republicans best fund the wall or get bumped, shut the government down until the wall is funded

We the people elected a Republican ticket so the wall could be built, our politicians really do not get it. Turn coats will get it, when they are ousted for another, next election.

4/19/2017 - Revised 4/22/2017

Congressional Conspiracy to kill us all by forced vaccination first our children then adults, after stealing our homes

If you think the congressional conspiracy, promoting adjustable mortgages, that created the housing bubble for the crash to take your home was an assault and battery on the public, learn: thetruthaboutvaccines.com,

watch free this weekend only -  all 7 episodes available for you to watch free today right here! Also Learn about the cover up and film you are not allowed to see at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jxujaa0wDE

2/23/2017 - Watch:

Trump's Speech to the New World Order!


JFK - The Speech That Killed Him


2/19/2017 - 

Christian boycotts child vaccines as our Presidential reelection campaign is launched

New born, baby, and toddler, and adult, vaccines containing murcury, Watch the video Vaxxed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpQyYTs5LTg  and the Congressional conspiracy CDC FRAUD video by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. & Robert De Niro, Press Conference, 2/15/17 @ National Press Club - Wash D.C. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqWhzKewILk&feature=youtu.be The United States will see 1 in 25 children with autism by year end, up from 1 in 45 last. To learn more about christian boycotts see: http://www.christianboycotts.com

Congressional conspiracy CDC FRAUD

United States will see 1 in 25 children with autism by year end, up from 1 in 45 last reports. Congress wil order subpoena of Dr. William Thomson investigate the CDC MMR vaccine study FRAUD

Repeal the congressional conspiracy 1996 National childhood Vaccine Injury Act enact emergency legislation to hold liable vaccine manufacturers for all injury, or injuries, caused by the vaccines.
Executive order is needed to make single measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines be made available to the public immediately. That all vaccines be reclassified as all other pharmaceutical drugs and tested accordingly.  Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBrhDT3J9Hc#t=3339.02788

Do not repeal without replacement 16 years of evil for not -

Q. We the People will lose again, as we did before, we allowed the evil democrat machine to grow, so we could get affordable medical insurance to match, the government employees, defense contractors, and other money printing trickle down beneficiaries continue to get the best medical care on the face of this earth.

With repeal without replace We The People who built this country and pay the bills again world get no affordable medical insurance path, as before Obama care, just expected to die quietly .

A. To put a end to the exploding crime rate, and fix social security system, fix abuse of entitlements, dump the fake crazy, fake disabled, piece of crap people collecting cheat checks for life is the answer to SS system problems. 

Drug test all section 8 housing, and welfare recipients, stop payments and food stamps to all the fails, we could balance the budget and end the drug cartels in one move.

History will show if a civil war erupts, it will turn to a race war and be at the faults of the democrat party, against innocent white persons, and house Republicans who are controlled by the medical industry.
Lord help us the people !

January 2nd 2017

Setting the record straight
The United States Of America, State electorates, vote Donald J Trump President, and over ride The United Cities Of Traitors.

We the people really do not care to hear again from our horrible embarrassment, the shamed, immoral 42nd president impeached, December 19th 1998 Bill Clinton, his crooked gross wife Hillary, family, their Obama, clan, flag burning cartel, and stupid followers.

The evil party has lost, you had 16 years of control, your time is over. Good is now in control, evil will be put down, changes are coming soon, now it is written in stone, shut up and sit down, before we make an example out of you.

We do not need the sick liberals of the entertainment industry, and fashion industry, we are sick of your exibitions of offensive, gross, immoral, shamelessness, you are not wanted or needed in or near the White House. You will be banned.

November 24 year of our Lord 2016 - Thanks to God Giving all -

This Thanks giving day 2016, We Give Thanks to God -
We the mostly silent, and forgotten, people, solid back bone, of the United States Of America, give all glory, and all thanks to our Dear, Lord God, for all things, great blessings, of family, health, friends, and great harvests of plenty, he has given us.

Now by returning a majority of seats in the House Of Congress, and Senate, to the Republican party with President Elect Donald J Trump, let the following be known.

We the people, some times called, wild cards, non commented voters, or independents, know US, we are really, the people, of God, who shine the light, directing the path, into the future.

Like the necessary evil bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, - Near defeat and after all else had failed -
We the people, as our many issues were rejected and or scorned so harshly by the Republican party, at a more than great cost, we turned the rains of power over to the evil Clinton Cartel, democrats, and as they failed to pass even the simplest of our bills, the affordable, health care for the forgotten little American man or woman, general non pork barrel, working general public like the farmer, pastor, waitress, gas station attendant, hardware and department store clerk, deserves at the very least, as good of health insurance as every city, State, or Federal employee, defense contractor, and sub contractors.

The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away -
What the people demand the government giveth, the government dare not taketh away, with out delivering a better, for the people, affordable health plan replacement.

Now we pass the rains of power to Donald J Trump leading a majority Congress and Senate mandate:
1. keeping preexisting conditions persons coverage with improved, and even more affordable health care insurance program for all Americans into the future, payed for by dropping, ridiculous, wasteful, pork barrel, non essential programs, and expenditures, of the swamp.

Safe Doctors of the world of the National Health Journal ask you what are your plans about the criminal intent of misleading food product and just how do you plan to repair the rest of the broken legal system for other of more important health issue of the day.

Truth in food lables.

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